Linguisteria e Programmettas


This page explains the origins of the names of the various things that I have created.

Linguisteria e programmettas

This is a name that I created using Interlingua's word-building roots.


Similar to "Interlingua", which consists of the roots "inter-" (between) and "lingua" (tongue), "Admente" is made up of "ad-" (to, towards) and "mente" (mind).


Similar to "Esperanto", meaning "one who hopes", "Miranto" means "one who wonders".

Silican Calendar

The name "silican" came from "silica" (silicon dioxide), which is the main constituent of sand, which was historically used in hourglasses to measure the passage of time.

"5AM" ultimately came from my name. One day in high school, one of my friends tried to write my name, but the "S" ended up looking like a "5", and the sight of it has become stuck in my mind.

Initially, I chose .ooo as an arbitrary top-level domain for my personal projects, but I have since changed it into a backronym for "out-of-office", representing the projects that I work on in my free time.

According to its registrar, .ooo itself does not carry any particular meanings, though, just like .xyz.


It is simply a pleasing-sounding (at least to me) name.


This is a name generated by the random word generator created for this language.