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Admente is a unicase phonetic alphabet that I created for the constructed language Interlingua. It is designed to have a flowing form, like a natural alphabet. At the same time, it is a featural writing system designed to be easy to learn. The letters' shapes draw inspiration from Tengwar, but unlike Tengwar, which is an abugida, Admente is a full alphabet, so it has separate letters for vowels as well.


Plosive consonants have a vertical bar.

b p d t g k
b p d t g k

Nasals have a shorter bar and a descender.

m n
m n

Fricatives are short letters that have a horizonal bar.

v f z s j S
v f z s j sh

Affricates combine a vertical bar and fricative letters.

c C
c ch

By now you may have noticed that fricatives, plosives, and affricates have a top bar that denotes voicing. The voiceless consonants have a top bar, while the voiced ones don't. Since the affricates in Interlingua are always unvoiced, they do not have a voiced counterpart.

The remaining sounds are as follows:

r l y w h
r l y w h


The vowels of Admente are all short letters.

a e i o u
a e i o u

Example text

io vide nubes tenebroze , gris in le celo. le kumei , le arbore ancian , ki ha vivite per multo epokas , sede silentemente sur iste kolina. su statura superimpoze se in su ambiente , e su folios superior penetra le nubes. kwande io es sol , io ama seder sub le kumei e regwardar le kampos de frumento cirka mi. postea le die, kwande io ha me facite sol , io ha komprendite komo io es parve in iste vaste mundo.

Io vide nubes tenebrose, gris in le celo. Le kumei, le arbore ancian, qui ha vivite per multo epochas, sede silentemente sur iste colline. Su statura superimpose se in su ambiente, e su folios superior penetra le nubes. Quande io es sol, io ama seder sub le kumei e regardar le campos de frumento circa mi. Postea le die, quande io ha me facite sol, io ha comprendite como io es parve in iste vaste mundo.